Andrea Gabriel Spiritual Life Coach

Andrea Gabriel Spiritual Life Coach

About Andrea

Andrea Gabriel is a spiritual life coach and an intuitive guide. Her main purpose is to reconnect her clients with their own intuition, authentic truth, and source energy.

Growing up in Manhattan, Andrea became a spiritual seeker after her first experience of connecting with her higher self. Since then, Andrea has explored many spiritual paths and modalities in order to understand the nature of our reality, and has come to the conclusion that all of them are designed to connect to our own authentic source energy.

By integrating this awareness and experiencing life from higher self perspective, following one’s own intuition, and becoming grounded in one’s own truth, the chaotic, painful or confusing areas of life can be positively affected in simple and miraculous ways.

Andrea is a certified reiki practitioner, crystal sound bowl healer, and Psychic Medium. In the work, she combines the resonant truths of the many spiritual and energetic modalities she has explored (such as Transcendental Meditation, Kabbalah, Wicca, Tarot Card reading, aromatherapy, herbalism, candle work, guided meditation, energy dynamics and chakra work) with her own creative and intuitively based meditation, counseling, and manifesting techniques to support the creation of dynamic positive results in the lives of her clients. She lives and works in Los Angeles.