My Story

Hi, beautiful friend. I’m so grateful to connect with you. I’m Andrea Gabriel. At first, it’s possible you might recognize me from my acting career (it’s ok if you don’t). I’ve been acting for 20 years and I love the creative process of inspiring and evoking people’s humanity and imagination through acting work.  But what you may not know is that I have been an intuitive empath since early childhood, and I have always been an insatiable spiritual seeker… perhaps like yourself. It’s no coincidence that we have found each other on this magical path, and I have a feeling my story might sound a bit familiar…

Andrea Gabriel Spiritual Life Coach PaintingWhen I was a child, I never felt in my element with other children. Actually, I had no idea what I was supposed to “be” in the first place. I just knew I felt strangely separate from my identity, as if I were an observer “being” a child at the moment. When I focused on this perspective, I would feel strangely outside of myself.  There, my consciousness was ageless, calm, and steady, and I’d often just “know” information before I was told or taught. However, on the opposite side of the spectrum, I could also experience intense emotional reactions to almost everything around me. The energy of people and places affected me deeply; some made me sad, some made me cry from unexplained happiness, and some just intensified my already high level of anxiety. These seemingly contradictory experiences of my young reality sent me reeling. I was categorized as “overly sensitive” with an “active imagination,” and suffering from “irrational fears.” In one memorable parent/teacher meeting I was casually classified as having a “social disease” (yeah. That was helpful). Throughout grade school and junior high, the labels just kept coming. I wasn’t “normal,” which I quickly recognized constituted being successful and accepted. I wanted to belong more than anything, but I simply couldn’t.  And it sucked.

Laurel BurchAs I grew up, I tried to seek out an explanation for my experiences. I knew religion didn’t resonate with me, because what I was sensing was not some outside God, it was more direct and personal than that. Going through a guru or a priest or a rabbi would just add a middleman, taking me into more disconnection and separation. With little guidance to turn to, I sought out as many hippies as I possibly could (and honey, that was no easy task in 1980’s Manhattan). I would linger at wholesale crystal displays on city sidewalks and at “New Age” stores that sold lava lamps, magic kits, and fluorescent green constellation stickers for bedroom ceilings… Needless to say I was getting desperate. Then, when I was about 14, browsing through my favorite section of a bookstore, I skimmed across the term “higher self.” Suddenly, a light went on… I wasn’t sure what it meant, but the expression seemed to encompass that part of me which was always present, calm, and guiding. It would explain why I never felt I was just “me.” My ego and my identity were not, in actuality, my true self.  I was more.

Laurel BurchWhen I reached my early twenties, I finally met my first teacher, Ashtiana Sundeer. I had so craved the guidance of a mentor, someone who spoke the same language, would receive me, and could help me learn to live my life in connection with, and guided by source. Through the beautiful ballet of patience, intention and synchronicity, we were guided to each other. At last, I released the sweetest sigh of relief.

Andrea Gabriel Spiritual Life Coach PaintingOver the next decade, she taught me how to connect to my higher self and my intuition with intention, and embrace the metaphysical reality just beyond the veil of the physical world. In addition, I continued to research many different modalities and interpretations of esoteric reality. As I embraced my claircognizance and clairsentience, I explored the Kabbalah, Buddhism, Transcendental Meditation and Wicca, and I became proficient in Tarot Card reading, aromatherapy, herbalism, candle work, guided meditation, reiki, energy dynamics and chakra alignment. My studies came full circle when I received my certifications as a spiritual life coach and a Psychic Medium.

Laurel Burch HarmonyThis work has proven invaluable as an anchor while navigating my own growing pains in this crazy physical world. It has guided me through periods of loss, transition, compromised self-esteem and body image, establishing authentic boundaries and communication, relationship issues, and conflicts concerning creativity and work.

Laurel Burch

And now, my darling, we come to you. My passionate intention is for you to experience firsthand the exquisite infallibility of your own true self. I want you to finally be free to release that blissful sigh of relief that I experienced when I met my first mentor. As your spiritual life coach, my intention is to facilitate your connection with your own innate intuition, power, and potential. I want to help you carve out the sweetest, most magical life you can imagine for yourself, and encourage you to find the faith, focus and joy in seeing it manifest before your eyes in perfect grace and timing. I would be honored to be your support system and cheerleader in this life-changing process. Together we will answer the question “Who are you, really?” And I think you’ll love what we discover.