The Process

-Do you find yourself feeling intimidated when making important personal decisions free from outside influences such as a partner, parent, or friend?

-Do you define your professional confidence and self-worth by outside validation and recognition of your abilities and level of success?

-Do you base your self-esteem and peace of mind on the state of your romantic partnerships, and may compromise your truth, personality, and authentic self to make a relationship “work?”

-Do you find yourself unable to accept your body and appearance as is without finding fault, and self-objectifying? Are you at a loss as to how to break the cycle of negative self-talk?

Well, my sweetest heart, have you come to the right place!

The Process Gypsy

The Process Gypsy

The Process Gypsy


One of the fundamental truths I have come to from my years of study and exploration is that we each, without exception, have a unique inner guidance system that is always available to us. When we learn how to connect to Source, we can clear any energetic blockage or “brain static” from our conscious mind, and we immediately tap into our innate intuition and power.

It is my mission (and my joy) to discover with you, through a combination of counseling, guided meditation, intuitive reading, and energy work, the most clear and cogent pathway that connects you to Source, and to provide you with some tools that will enable you to do so independently and at will.

I have found that Source connection and awakened intuition have an effect on just about every area of life; it shows up as synchronicity, heightened clairvoyance, awakened consciousness, increased peace and well being, evolution and progress in honest communication, self-esteem and relationships, positive effects on one’s health and income, increased creativity and freedom, and accelerated powers of manifestation.

What I Do Gypsy Rogue

What I Do Gypsy Rogue

What I Do Gypsy Rogue


The Intake: Our first meeting lasts a half hour and can take place via Skype, phone, or in person. We will discuss what is going on in your world, the issues that you want to work on, what you might want help with, and what you would like to accomplish in our work together, etc. After this session, we can decide together if coaching with me is the right fit for you. You are under no obligation to proceed (but I hope that you do!).

The Session: If we do decide to go forward together, we will schedule our first hourlong appointment (again, either on the phone, by Skype or in person), where we will begin the work together. I believe coaching is a team effort. Everyone’s process will be different, so I will be working with you to find the best resources to get you where you want to be. I do recommend a minimum of three to four sessions so we can really get you acclimated to the vibration you want to maintain.

To schedule an intake session please reach out in the “contact” section of this email.

I can’t wait to speak with you.

Hamsa Gypsy Rogue