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Are You A Late Bloomer?

So I've been thinking a lot right now around the concept of being a "late bloomer."

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Happy New Moment!

A lot has been coming up for me around significance. It seems that with every new year, there arises a kind of magical thinking about how one day, or hour, or minute, can set the tone for an entire day, year, or decade.

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Dude… My Aura is Bigger Than Your Aura

Is the long overdue expansion of spiritual awakening also creating an environment of spiritual one upmanship?

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Our bodies and sexuality are not a punchline.

My booty is still sore from my last ride, but it’s time for me to get on that high horse yet again.

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Break free with me

First, hello my beautiful dollies, and welcome to my blog. I’ve got some stuff to clear up about our collective self-esteem, and I’m going to be confronting a lot of it right here. I have some pretty strong opinions when it comes to anything besides loving, self-nurturing, and supportive self-talk, so you’ll have to excuse my language every now and then when I get fiesty. I was raised in New York City and that stuff doesn’t wash out with tap water. Anyway...

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