“I love working with Andrea for her open-hearted honesty, deep integrity, clear-sightedness on all things spiritual as well as personal, and her wicked sense of humor. She inspires me as a fellow seeker, healer, and friend, and she teaches me through the example of her life.”
Mike Dooley, NY Times bestseller of Infinite Possibilities and creator of Notes from the Universe.
After meeting with Andrea for just one session, I felt a sense of renewed energy and positivity. Also a sense of confirmation and direction, which was so nice and unexpected. Andrea is just what I look for in a healer – she obviously has a natural gift for it. She’s present and listens actively. Andrea really knows her stuff – I learned about several aspects of healing. And best of all (for me), she doesn’t take herself so seriously – she’s funny, relaxed and yet able to get to exactly what is needed in a session. She offered a variety of methods, and they were all spot on in terms of discovery and guidance. I really loved the guided meditation. It left an impact on me, and I plan on replicating it on my own as best I can, but I also plan on going back to her. I highly recommend you meet with Andrea!
Maria Ciampa, Actress
Andrea is the real deal. Not only is she unbelievably intuitive and knowledgeable in all aspects of spiritual guidance, but she’s also playful, smart and fun. She creates a nurturing, safe space to go deep and create positive change. I felt better after one session (relaxed, positive, and centered), but not only that– I experienced amazing synchronicity and positive change in my life almost immediately! I can’t recommend her services enough.
Susana Martinez, Stylist/Fashion Consultant
I have to say that working with Andrea, changed my life. We spent multiple sessions focusing on what it is that I wanted out of life. Whenever I left, I literally felt lighter and happier. She guided me, always making me feel safe. Her energy is beautiful as is she, and I could not recommend her enough! The work she will do with you, goes far past the sessions. It’s something I’ve been able to carry with me and continue to carry with me 🙂 positively amazing.
Ally Gordon, Actress
Andrea Gabriel is a natural healer! From the moment you meet Andrea you will feel at ease and relaxed. She is a great listener and thinks outside of the box, providing you with insight that would not have occurred to you otherwise. After my sessions with her I feel a warm positivity that stays with me for days and she helps me tap into parts of myself that need healing. I highly recommend Andrea and will continue to use her as a coach as I find her guidance invaluable.
M. Smith, Set Designer
Andrea sets a super chill, safe & supportive environment from the moment you walk into a session with her. I was able to get all that mental clutter out of my system and by the end of our guided meditation I left feeling refreshed, refocused and clear headed. Thank you Andrea, for your encouragement and clarity!
Holly Martin, Professional Organizer
I’ve never been the type to prescribe to the concept of spiritual guidance or therapy, but she opened my eyes to how beneficial it could be. From the first guided meditation, I had an experience I’ve never felt before. Even when it got a little too overwhelming, she guided me through it. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone and everyone.
Noah Kinsey, Writer, Producer/Host of Upon Further Review
What a blessing & a gift to have a spiritual, intuitive session with Andrea! I feel so excited about what came through; I got great clarity, confirmation, affirmation, peace, reassurance, and encouragement. I intuitively felt safe in her loving hands. She has the wisdom of an elder yet the playful, joyful spirit of a youth. She is a timeless healer. The guided chakra meditation was very deep and cleansing for me, and she was spot on with her intuitive reading. I feel renewed, refreshed, excited, amazed and grateful. This is sacred, spiritual work; she is a true light worker goddess. I will definitely be seeing her regularly and will recommend her!
Mary M., Actress
Andrea is an amazing guide! She listens and intuits with ease and great care. Her meditation was so cleansing and powerful and her guidance felt crystal clear and completely on the mark. I left feeling a renewed sense of power, clarity and comfort. Highly recommend!
Sarah E. , Real Estate Agent
Andrea is amazing. My readings with her have felt magical – she’s highly intuitive, kind, and generous as people come. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.
Jeremy , P., Musician
I met with Andrea and I was so blessed tonight. Her knowledge of so many belief systems blended into a unique and beautiful experience.

She started by smudging me with sage. We sat and talked and I gave her a clearer picture of my situation, but she was able to intuit so much more than what I had said. She gave me a tarot reading, but for it only reinforced what her impressions from our discussion were. She mixed a special blend of essential oils and we chose a candle for classic candle magic. Her calming energy and soothing voice led my guided meditation and helped me settle into a place of just resting in the moment. I’m certain it was the meditation that energized and renewed my spirit. I left with the candle we used, and a bit of the oils she blended as well as another special floral water.

Her light and peace were calming and her wisdom shed so much light into my chaotic life. I was encouraged and uplifted. It was really like visiting with an old friend that I had just met. I felt invigorated and I could feel her positivity lending me strength. It was a beautiful experience and I would recommend her services wholeheartedly.

Yessica M., Writer
I would absolutely recommend Andrea to anyone who is looking for guidance, direction, and a renewed sense of connection with themselves. I was buzzing with joy when I walked out of my session. I felt so light in my heart. Andrea is so easy to talk to and she was able to give me just the insight I needed at that time. She was very sensitive to me and so present. Andrea is knowledgeable about many spiritual modalities and the guided meditation she did was incredible. I was welling up with joy.

I plan to return on a regular basis for tune-ups. One of the the most important things to me about my experience was that I left feeling empowered and reconnected to myself. She’s amazing.

Annie L., Actress/Singer
I had such a great session with Andrea and left feeling a great sense of peace and renewal. She is a wonderful listener and really helps you focus on where there is a lack or block in your life. The reading was beautiful and helpful and the guided meditation re-charged my energy for days after. She has such a calming and fun presence it made the experience incredibly enjoyable.
If you’re seeking guidance and safe space to find healing I highly recommend Andrea.
Alexa R., Actress
Working with Andrea gave me a clear insight of where I am going on a spiritual and personal level. She helped me gain clarity, and a sense of peace that I am on the right path. As well as a “map” to navigate the areas of my life I am still searching for clarity on.
Charlotte M., Producer
Andrea is a very special mentor and coach and she makes me feel the same as a client. I feel so grateful to have met and worked with Andrea at an unexpected and major turning point in my life. Andrea not only made me feel comfortable with what I was experiencing, but she also helped me understand what I was going through. Andrea has an innate ability to make sense of what felt like a complicated situation. Her patience is unconditional and her intelligence is inspiring. New to the spiritual realm, it’s easy to fear judgment from others. Andrea embraced my specific beliefs and continues to walk me through her most beautiful and original meditations. In a constant effort to seek clarity, Andrea is there every step of the way. Using her different modalities, Andrea has led me to become more independent within my own self. I highly recommend Andrea to anyone seeking deep happiness and life fulfillment.
Lia R., Journalist